We want to hear from you if you’re passionate about bleeding edge open source software development. We need you to help us to grow in the web services market.

Being a computer scientist you will be involved in research and prototyping. You will be given the opportunity to visit and present at conferences such as NodeInteractive or FOSS4G on behalf of GEOLYTIX. At the top of your game we hope that you will further increase our public profile as an outstanding employer and innovative service provider. As a developer we need you to push the envelope with our current frameworks.

You should have an inquisitive mind and and good knowledge about recent technological developments.

You need to be a competent javascript coder.

This is not per se a full-stack developer position but we will need your help working on all application fronts. We are currently developing NodeJS middleware on Ubuntu VPS but we may also build a serverless architecture in the not so distant future.

You will be joining a small and agile team. Being able to perform your own DevOps in an Ubuntu shell is a must.

Having good knowledge of ExpressJS is a plus, but with your JS skills you should be able to acquire the necessary level of familiarity quickly.

Security is paramount.

You will be in contact with sensitive data and all of our channels adhere to the highest security standards. This means that you have some understanding of cryptographic networks as well as physical separation of data.

Knowledge of Git (we are using GitHub).

We will eventually require you to produce functional javascript code. Just in case this point worries you; Please have a look at Master the Javascript Interview: What is Functional Programing?

We assume that you are able to write clean code which will make it easier for us to work as a development team.


We are working mostly with SQL databases but are exploring means to integrate noSQL technologies into our arsenal. We are also very excited about newSQL and are looking forward to do some machine learning projects in the long run.

It helps if you have a have a strong interest into geography and maps. We are all very much cartography nerds and can teach you the basics as well as some advanced technologies. You will be given the opportunity to work with brilliant data scientists at GEOLYTIX.

We are always looking for talented people to join our team. Don’t hesitate and send your CV / github / stackoverflow / linkedin / blog or twitter details to info@geolytix.co.uk. We keep all channels open and promise to get back to you.

This post has now been filled but please feel free to send your CV to us at anytime.

No agencies please.