Today sees the release of the latest instalment of Open Supermarkets, we have now renamed this Retail Points.

There have been changes in the UK supermarket world since the last release with the most notable one being:


  • Morrisons selling their M Locals to Mike Green which have now been rebranded My Local


Along with the incorporation of openings and closings across the retailers over a few months we have also expanded our freezer store fascias. After Iceland’s were included in the September release we have now included Farmfoods, Fulton Foods and Heron. The retailers and their store count within the dataset can be soon below:

Fascia Count
Aldi 621
Asda 319
Asda Living 33
Asda PFS 17
Asda Supercentre 46
Asda Supermarket 199
Booths 29
Budgens 160
Costco 26
Netto 13
Farmfoods 328
Fulton Foods 86
Cooltrader 11
Heron 195
Iceland 791
Lidl 673
Makro 30
Marks And Spencer 327
Marks And Spencer BP 226
Marks And Spencer Food Hall 8
Marks And Spencer Home 1
Marks And Spencer MSA 36
Marks And Spencer Outlet 40
Marks And Spencer Simply Food 232
Marks And Spencer Travel SF 50
Morrisons 494
Sainsburys 605
Sainsburys Local 760
Tesco 488
Tesco Express 1,524
Tesco Express Esso 196
Tesco Extra 252
Tesco Metro 171
The Co-operative Food 3,763
The Co-operative Food PFS 193
Little Waitrose 44
Little Waitrose Shell 13
Waitrose 294
Whole Foods Market 9

Another new feature to the April release is a size band for each store, this is based on a four way classification.

A – Less than 3,013 ft² (280 m²)

C-Store with unlimited Sunday hours in England and Wales.

B – 3,013 to 15,069 ft² (280 m² to 1,400 m²)

Mid-sized grocer as defined by the CMA. Restricted Sunday hours, typically the large majority is food.

C – 15,069 to 30,138 ft² (1,400 to 2,800 m²)

Large supermarkets as defined by the CMA. Typical ‘large’ supermarket with GM and fashion offer.

D – 30,138+ ft² (2,800+ m²)

Also large as classified by the CMA. This is a Geolytix arbitrary banding to equate roughly to a hypermarket, typically with significant clothing and GM departments and large free car park.


If you have any comments or contributions then as always please get in touch.

The data and supporting documentation can be downloaded here.